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Last night was beautiful. We took a low dose (accidentally) of mushroom tea which ended up being the perfect amount and the perfect trip- as it usually ends up being. I love to thin the veil. I love to go further. Beyond the day-to-day concerns one finds an impenetrable peace. I am learning how to exist within this peace rather than to grasp for it. Rather than to chase it. The embrace.
This morning I skipped my counseling session. I have a tendency to fiend for control and be perfect at any cost- even when the expense is my well being. I am learning though and putting myself first is the only way I could ever support anyone I love. Release control, surrender to surrender.

I am in bed now, bracing myself for a late late breakfast. We aren’t sure what to go for, but the availability of options is such a sweet treat in itself. Life is the longest buffet and the most fun game.

Mercedes- pull your head out of the dirt. There is nothing to fear. There is nothing to dread. We’re all here and we aren’t going anywhere until we’re there.

It is always now, and we are right on time.
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