cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

We were in Florida, but we weren’t. My mom was showing me the houSe she just sold. Loren was there and acting strange. I woke up feeling strange. Amphetamines, it had been a long time. Still pregnant. Loren has slipped me some apparently. Sam was there too, along with other people. It turned to a party. I felt wildly uncomfortable. The 3 of us ended up in a bedroom and I was trying to be nice and civil, ignoring their touches. I took Sam outside “you did say you weren’t trying to get with him.” “No no no no I am not!” We return to the room and sit down on the bed. The two of them lay down and begin to kiss. I deliberate joining, I don’t. I pry them apart. She gives me a vindictive look. I ask loren to please go for a car ride with me, halfway through it turned into a walk.
“Do you want to be with me anymore?” “No I don’t” “oh.”

“What should I do?”
“I don’t see what the problem is, I told you I wasn’t happy with you”

“Do you want to date her”
“Yes please please please
Let us date” he says as he tries to show me some tree he liked.

I turned around to walk away, but returned and said “okay”

What a horrible dream

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