cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

It is a cold morning. I brought my kittens outside. Life is sweet.
We heard feminine laughter coming from my sister’s room and thought she brought someone home. She did, but others were there too. Sam, Tyler, Abby. They were very high on molly and a couple of them on acid too. Tyler wants to get custody of his children so I offered to give him an internal and external makeover. Loren is giving him his old cologne and I am taking him to goodwill later today to get him looking better. Oversized ironic pot shirts and galaxy baseball hats only get you so far in life. That one gains confidence from looking your best is irrefutable. And it seeps into everything else. It is always worth the effort. I’m not promoting a false self, or a self that is out to impress others. It’s in finding your personal style as your 20’s come to an end. It’s accepting that just because it did work doesn’t mean it will always work. Its growing and allowing change. Letting go, releasing your grip on the past and who you were then. I think we should be able to look however we want but in our society that does come with consequences. It’s unfair. It’s cruel. But it’s true. Work the system. Make it your own. I have found my style, but I never lost it. I’m gifted when it comes to looking the way I want to look. Making things work for me. I love blazers but I never look boring. I’m obviously eccentric but also polished in many ways. God damn I love myself.


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