cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

The days are growing shorter, quickly now. The cool air does something to the sky, the sunrises have been blowing my mind.

I’m compiling a list of authors and/or books that seem interesting. I read a decent amount, but not every day. I want to change that so I will. Rather than mindless scrolling, reading offers something in return. Information, a break, total presence. It seems silly not to do something that I view as so valuable. When I get paid I plan to buy at least one book and start there. And start.

I’ve been so sleepy lately, yet unable to truly rest. Time is passing, projects are reaching completion- but they aren’t finished yet. I anticipate how wonderful it will feel to feel physically prepared. It makes me smile. The in between doesn’t throw me headfirst into fear these days. That is sweet.

My cats have been extra gooey, loving, and by my side. They offer me comfort every chance they get. Such wonderful and supportive best friends. One of my cats is that kind of cat where they are just horrible and mean, but never to me. He’s huge. And so cute. But he attacks people often and no one is allowed to touch him (outside of us.) Something about that quality makes it all the nicer when he is loving with me and Loren. He’s a little bruiser but the biggest baby I have. His head is as big as my hand. My dog suddenly can’t jump into his bed or onto the couch. He’s 11. It makes me worry. I wish we got him sooner. He spent years in a kennel with a dirty water bowl. So for however long we have him, he will be happy. I make him chicken every morning and change his water twice a day. It is a privilege to have pets- to give them a beautiful life. My pets are probably the luckiest pets of all time, all bias aside. My home is full of love of every kind.

We made our first batch of candles yesterday and they turned out great. From now until the first we will be making candles every day. I see this business being lucrative. I’m ready to be a millionaire.

I vibrate at such a high frequency that others must raise their vibrations to interact with me.

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