cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

The sun takes forever to rise, all of a sudden.

Walking to the car this morning I realized someone had broken glass all throughout my parking lot/yard. I can’t take the kittens outside until I collect all the shards, separating them from grass and gravel. It does interfere with my plans. I don’t get to see my birds much these days- by the time my day has truly started, they’re just waking up. Seasons and sleepy birds. The espresso machine is up and running and I’m very pleased. Loren has been making all of the drinks, but this morning I will attempt it myself. Candles are being made, plans are in motion. My kitchen floor is complete! My car broke down again, but this time it is an easy fix that Loren can do on his own. It is only a matter of days now, and before long, only moments. Amazing.

I got ready very early today. My day is full but it’s a satisfactory type of full. Slightly overwhelming but by the end of the day I feel nice.
-tarot reading ASAP
-candle making
-candle dressing
——-buy rosemary for^
-supervising floor installation
-rearranging and reorganizing my kitchen
-fridge installation
-good boy walk
-closet reorganization (2/3 are done already c: )
-picking carpet
-car fixed
-organize sheet dresser
-take to thrift
-photograph goods for shop
The goal is to have everything ready so I have a couple days to bask in my aloneness and preparedness before the baby comes. I think I just may be able to which is nice. It’s ‘go’ time all the time until then.

Self discipline is becoming one of my favorite art forms. I’ve been dedicated to journaling every day, making time for spiritual necessities, cleaning, learning too. I feel pride and a sense of accomplishment. There is a lot of unknown surrounding me but I am not arguing with it and rather letting it surprise me when the time comes. I spent a lot of time avoiding ‘work,’ be it things to do with the shop, housework, spiritual maintenance, quality time, and so on. This habit seems to be breaking as I embrace my responsibilities and face them head on. Appreciation and gratitude. Being thankful for the opportunity and ability. It’s kind of funny that at nearly 9 months pregnant I finally feel ready to give my all to my business. To my relationships. To myself. And mostly, to you.

Here goes something, everything and nothing.

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