cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

Really looking forward to the day I can buy my own home. Our home. All the work we’ve done on our apartment has truly inspired me.

In the name of wishful thinking:

Mosaic countertops (done by hand, designed with love), lots of white walls- some colorful accents perhaps, paintings and pictures and wall hangings collected over the years, 2 stories, 7 acres, white wooden paneling on the outside, landscaped with love and well-kept, big closets, 3 or 4 bedrooms, a finished basement for creative endeavors, carpeted stairs, stained glass for various windows, a king-sized bed in our room, more mosaic tiles- outside as the walkway through the garden, red and brown velvet, depression-era colored glass dishes for every occasion, maybe hardwood floor but I’m not sure just yet, handmade pillows thrown periodically throughout, an entire wall turned bookshelf to house all of my interests, antique light fixtures (including my raspberry one), solid wood cabinets in the kitchen- painted white if unsalvageable, intricately tiled kitchen floors, brass fixtures, satin and lace hanging over tall and short lamps, candles- everywhere, the children's Rooms decorated however they see fit, kittens and puppies and perhaps a fish tank, window seats, plush rugs, kids toys throughout, all of our art hanging on the walls, somewhere cozy for our night time tea, and love- so so much love.

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