cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

better habits, smoothies and juice, daily yoga, daily meditation, sleepy feeding, little hands and toes and feet and fingers, dressing for two, the inability to worry, release of anxiety, complete consciousness, eternal awareness, books, dim lighting, shared space, dreams of a house turned into a home, plans, changes, sneaking glances of amazement, subtle touches, obvious embraces, skin on skin on skin, teasing and being teased, forced celibacy turned into a game, needs met, desires satiated, healthy cravings, online sales, being prayed for, complementary gifts, the look my parents give me, you forever, innocence, drive, unlocked goals and perpetual achievement

  • (no subject)

    her submission is worth nothing when she submits to anything

  • 2 me, too me

    I don't even want that kind of attention, I just want to want it

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    absence of presence presence of absence

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