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We had our very first snow last night. The warm days are over. This is the season for introspection, planning, comfort, homemade soups, hot tea, thick socks, big sweaters, long books, extra lotion, layers, family and love. Some of those things are universal and perpetual but you get it. The excitement I feel for the shop is so refreshing. I spend more and more time there, acquainting myself, getting in the rhythm. People love it. The potential for success does scare me but I have done scarier, and I am up for the challenge. I want to buy a house. The universe is making it happen. I trust it.
My mom had surgery yesterday. I burned a candle for its success. She is fine and everything went perfectly. Thank heaven over and over.
My home is clean, my hygiene is routine. Things are going very very well. I have plenty of things I could let weigh on me, weigh me down. I could worry and fret and keep myself up at night. I could do the math over and over. But I won’t and it doesn’t. I am here, now, for once. Nothing can stop me or slow me or disrupt my peace. Money always comes, food always shows up and the sun always rises. Tomorrow never forgets to arrive. I trust in the timing of my life. I am learning from it all. I am back. I feel it. Relish it. I am ready to teach because I am ready to learn.

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