cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

My tolerance for the cold blows me away. Never did I imagine I’d be so at home in the chill. Yet here and here we are. Last night I had the most healing dreams, gone from my mind now. I woke up with a strange peace. Strange peace. I am familiarizing myself. I am my own muse. Amusing, dare I say? I feel nonsensical. In the most divine way. A pure religion of self. I am outside listening to the birds sing their autumn songs. Solemn yet hopeful. Perfect for fall. This afternoon we have two interviews for the shop. One for a medium (something I’m not sold on, so I’m eager to find out) and one for a tarot reader. Interviewing people is wild enough, yet for something so close to my heart? I’m excited. An odd authority. I feel a total release, a disinterest in distraction. I want to be here and where I am. I do not long for my mind to be taken on some ride to the false life of others probably more bored with themselves than I could imagine. I am happy here, my happy home. I am eager to grow and eager to enjoy the view from wherever I find myself.

I am wrapped up in the present. Entirely gifted.

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    turn around let's turn on each other good idea break a promise to your mother

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    so we're just gonna keep waking up earlier and earlier then?

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