cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

^one of the first tattoos I did

Life is a god damn dream. For all the warning I received, and for all of the sleeplessness and preoccupation- my life is beyond anything I could have asked for. Not just in exterior chance, but in my perspective. The perspective I’ve gained and earned. I value the valuable so much more. Sitting with my family makes my heart sing. Simple pleasures like car rides and cuddles. Piers and showers. Clean nails and home cooking. These things now bring me a level of completeness I had never thought real or true. I can see the entire chain, and the weaker links have been reinforced. We are strong. I am capable. I prove myself to myself every day in every way. In my dedication and in my potential for peace. In the self discipline I have gained, sure. But just as much in the confidence I feel building within me. As I become more confident, so much is revealed to me. My unnecessary insecurity. My intensity and how to channel it to work to my advantage. My everything all of the time. My head is spinning in the right direction. I can’t wait for tomorrow, but I do, because I love today too.

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