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I choose to always be the person who sends thank you cards. I’m working on being the person who always sends birthday cards and congratulatory cards. It is a lost art, remembering. The time taken makes it meaningful. The thought does count. One two three...

Breakfast today was a banana and peanut butter sandwich and some assorted fruits. Coffee. Water. The dishes are done before 7 am, the house is clean by 7:30. I love this life. I’ve grown more powerful than ever lately. Part of it is the discipline. Remembering my power.

The importance of choosing our thoughts is more apparent to me than ever. Before an unhappy thought has the chance to arise I fill my mind with love. Big love, totally alive. Reminding myself of this dreamy existence, having everything I want and vice verse, the beauty of me and everything I see, the love I have, the love I have yet to have, the love I am. Everything is perfect. I am learning from it all. I love myself so I may love everything else.

I am writing my thank you’s this morning. I am proud to be me.

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