cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

It’s funny how things go.

My younger sister has me worried. She’s always been the more responsible, respectable of us all. We have a bunch of kids working for us and of course they became friends. Now my sister is on drugs more than she’s sober. Up all night every night. Hardly sleeping. Has a girl living with her rent free who sleeps all day and works 12 hours a week. She went from thousands in savings to paycheck to paycheck. The joke is that I can’t tell her anything because of what I’ve done. Speaking from experience is presumptuous even when true. I’m a concerned sister. I never see her anymore. And when I do, she’s burnt out and boring.

I’ve never been better however. I’m responsible, reliable, honest and present. I am doing my best to set a good example. I am doing my best. I am a great mother, lover, daughter, and sister. I find things to work on and I improve them. I notice things to be grateful for and I respect them. I am burning a candle for financial abundance. My last candle cured my dad’s week long hiccups (he had them for years, a few years ago) and the one before that ensured a safe recovery from my mother’s surgery. I am optimistic.

Life is good and it sorta hurts. Loving people comes at that cost. I am willing to pay the price again and again. The human experience is wonderful and full of wonder. I am too.

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