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Live journal didn’t let me post for some days. It’s wet outside but warm. We’ve had a beautiful few days, given the season. My birds are full and happy. I feel full and happy. I’m excited for our new old vehicle that should be here around Loren’s birthday. We are to be married before the year is up. The adjustment is done with ease. Living with ease. Letting it be and doing what we do. Success, to me, is living honestly and with presence. Intention. I feel successful. Everything works out.

We hug, we kiss.

Plans are being made, with hope, but detachment. How it should be always prevails, but it is healthy to have hopes. It feels easy to put my phone down anymore. It feels easy to say “no” to what isn’t for me. It is easy to differentiate what is and isn’t for me. I’m not afraid to try.

Leaps and bounds and balls and chains. It’s all nonsense anyway. Life is delicious and delectable. The possibility and potential oozes from each moment. Waxing and waning and wanting and praying. Today the sky is grey and I am comfortable.

The only ache in me is for more creative endeavors. A delightful ache. A thirst. A need. The strangeness is subsiding and time is making itself available. Addictions are everywhere, screens, helplessness, convenience, attention, denial. Our lives are just beginning. I know who I want to be and this is the direction I follow. I lead.

There is no time like the present.
Diligence, dear ones.
We can have it and we will.

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