cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

This is a turning point for me. Just me. It has nothing to do with-

I can feel it in my bones and somehow deeper. Something more. A colossal weight and how it lifts. A shift. Where does it go? Is it a transmutation of the self? Not created, not destroyed, but undeniably changed. Like I can finally exhale and I’ve been holding on for-

A perspective I’ve longed for. Near and dear. Like I can finally step back and see it all, clearly now. A release of guilt and/or shame that I didn’t know I had held so tightly to. I can enjoy this. All of it. Regardless.

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    The progress feels slow but that doesn’t really matter

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    Damn how this book just found me

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    On page 8 of this book and I can feel it’s gonna wreck me

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