cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

I woke up yesterday with a horrible toothache. I have to see a dentist.

Wednesday we have a paranormal meet up at a bowling alley and Friday we are going to the mattress factory museum for a naturalist event. By focusing on collecting memorable experience I have drawn potential to me. I feel excited for these things and that feeling has felt foreign lately. It’s nice.

My home feels messy. I have been going through an intense period of growth and it was rather uncomfortable and left me entirely unmotivated. But it is fading and the rewards are surfacing just like always. Are there any real surprises? I am doing my best to enjoy it and I am doing well.

I just wanna, I’m just gonna.

I’ve been reading and writing and drawing. Organizing. Remembering. Cooking. Guilt has been apparent. Comforting myself. Undoing and redoing and all. This is always it and ya know that’s enough.

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    The progress feels slow but that doesn’t really matter

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    Damn how this book just found me

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    On page 8 of this book and I can feel it’s gonna wreck me

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